7 Things Homeowners' Insurance Won't Cover

If a homeowner has never read all of their insurance policy, they may believe they’re protected against every possible problem. However, these policies have many specific inclusions, some of which are more surprising than others. Here, potential policyholders can learn a few things that aren’t covered by home insurance Lakeland.


Most people believe the policy’s liability coverage is enough, but it’s likely not sufficient to protect a policyholder from most pool-related injuries. The average homeowners’ policy covers roughly $100,000 in liability, but those with pools need more protection. The III suggests increasing liability coverage to $300,000 or more.


These pests can pose a significant threat to the home, but owners shouldn’t assume that the damage is covered. Most insurers consider pest damage to be preventable, and it’s up to the homeowner to prevent it. Pay careful attention to moisture around the home, and examine wood for possible termite intrusion. Finally, be sure to keep firewood and plants a bit away from the house.


A trampoline can provide hours of backyard fun, but it can be a problem when a homeowner looks for insurance coverage. Trampolines are considered 'attractive nuisances', and in many cases, an owner can't even get coverage unless they get rid of the trampoline.


Many insurers put treehouses in the same high-risk category as trampolines. Check insurance companies in lakeland fl for specific exclusions before building a treehouse.

Wind-Related Tree Damage

If trees get knocked down during a storm, home repairs are covered, but the insurer won’t pay for the actual replacement or removal of the tree. Generally, homeowners insurance Lakeland only covers tree and plant damage caused by auto accidents, lightning, theft, and fire.

Expensive Jewels and Personal Belongings

While a policyholder may believe their wedding ring is covered, it likely isn’t. Most policies only cover personal belongings up to $1000; anything above that requires a rider or personal insurance Lakeland. However, cheap car insurance florida cost under $100 per year.

Home-Based Businesses

It makes sense to assume that someone running a business from home would be covered by a homeowner’s policy, but that’s not always true. If a caterer works from home and someone gets sick, they’re not covered. This is particularly true if the business is on the property but in a building separate from the home. For home-based business, consider buying Commercial insurance Lakeland.

While homeowners’ insurance covers many things, some are excluded. To learn more about what’s covered and what isn’t, call a local agent today.

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